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for beautiful spindles & fibres

Ledbetter Spindles

We met Ken and Carol Ledbetter of KCL Woods of Arizona, USA, at the Spin-Off Autumn Retreat (SOAR) in October 2012. We were attracted by their beautiful spindles and liked their friendly approach.

These are different from other top whorl spindles that we have sold. The shafts are all described as being made from various woods. The burl spindles are described as finial (top end of the shaft, to which the hook is attached) and whorl; they have no inlay. The three materials listed for all the other spindles comprise, respectively, the finial, whorl and inlay.

The photographs below show our actual stock; we ordered some more in 2015 and not many are left. In each instance the descriptions are arranged from top to bottom, in the same order as the spindles in the picture alongside, from left to right.

Postage and packing within the UK on a spindle costing from £21 to £50 is £9.00; and on orders from £51 to £100 the cost is £11.00.

Two Mini (burl) at £65

  • Teak & maple burl @ 0.68oz (19g)
  • Lignum vitae & maple burl @ 0.73oz (21g)

Two Mini at £65

  • Walnut, sycamore & polymer clay @ 0.88oz (25g)
  • Cherry, Leopard wood & shell @ 0.93oz (26g)

One (burl) at £65

  • Dyed maple & dyed maple burl @ 1.1oz (31g)

One at £85

  • Lignum vitae, sycamore & carved shell @ 1.37oz (39g)

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