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for beautiful spindles & fibres

Forrester Spindles

Only two left! We have heard that Tom Forrester has ceased making spindles, so these are the last that we shall have.

The photograph below shows our remaining stock; the descriptions are arranged from top to bottom, in the same order as the spindles in the picture alongside, from left to right.

There is clearly some resistance in the UK to the idea of square spindles. If you've never tried one, I recommend that you do. There's no need for notches, or problems with the yarn slipping on the whorl's rim. One of this country's top spindle makers, a former Physics teacher I believe, will show you the maths that proves square is better than circular, if you're not careful!

Postage and packing within the UK on a single spindle costing from £21 to £50 is £9.00; and on orders from £51 to £100 the cost is £11.00.

Two Square, at £40

  • Padauk & Black Walnut @ 38.1g
  • Canary Wood & Beech @ 39.0g
  • (the spindle on the right has been sold)

For more information about either of these spindles, or to place an order, please click here.