Spindlers2 for beautiful spindles & fibres

for beautiful spindles & fibres

Eden Valley Guild - 19 March 2011

We taught a one-day Knitting with Energised Singles workshop at Eden Valley Guild on Saturday 19 March 2011. By our estimate, 18 people participated.

There was an initial scrum, while people chose their fibres!

Most people brought their wheels, while one or two showed that spindles work just as well.

We started with a "chevron" effect, alternating blocks of stocking stitch in Z and S spun singles.

Then we gave them some luscious dyed silk, along with the merino, to produce a "faux lace" on large needles.

Pete demonstrated a third sample, a "basket weave" alternating blocks of knit and purl, S and Z. We'd worn them out, and nobody had any energy left!