Spindlers2 for beautiful spindles & fibres

for beautiful spindles & fibres

Bradford Guild Workshop - 16 April 2011

Carol taught a one-day workshop titled "Spinning with novel fibres" at our own Guild.

The theme of Bradford's 2012 exhibition will be Innovations. Carol and a small group are looking at some of the "newer" fibres and this workshop aimed to encourage others to do the same.

Actually, many of the "new" fibres have been around since the 1930s and some for even longer, but they are rather more recent than linen, wool, cotton and silk.

There was a very good turn-out; no fewer than 18 members took the workshop and quite a number more listened most attentively. Most people had brought their wheels, but a fair number did equally well on spindles.

Carol covered soy "silk" top, soy bean fibre, viscose, carbonised bamboo, banana top, banana fibre (somewhat like throwsters' waste), "Seacell", milk protein fibre and ingeo (corn fibre).

We were very impressed by the way in which everyone, even the less experienced spinners, gave these fibres a fair trial. Of course, there was a "star"; this time, Ann was "teacher's pet" and produced some very nice skeins.

Pete acted as Carol's "lovely assistant", handing round the fibres, as well as participating in the workshop. At the end, he played the part of the Easter Bunny (wrong time of year for Santa Claus) and divided up the unused fibres between the participants. It's better to send people away with a meaningful amount of a few fibres, rather than a tiny amount of many.