Spindlers2 for beautiful spindles & fibres

for beautiful spindles & fibres

Texere Yarns Workshops - 4 June 2011

Pete taught two half-day workshops entitled "Beginners' Spinning" and "Advanced Spinning" at Texere Yarns in Bradford.

Actually, the workshops should have had the word "Spindle" in their titles, since that is what we were doing.
Only four (near) beginners took the morning workshop and three stayed on for the afternoon session. More publicity would seem to be the answer, for future events.

In the morning, participants used the plain but effective top whorl spindles provided by Texere to spin some, rather kempy, Welsh wool tops.

In the afternoon, they plied this yarn, using nostepinnes to produce a centre-pull ball. They then tried a variety of other fibres, including dyed wool tops, Falkland Island wool tops (which we usually use in our workshops), and even silk and cotton; these last two on some of our own lighter-weight top whorl spindles.