Spindlers2 for beautiful spindles & fibres

for beautiful spindles & fibres

Summer School, 7-14 August 2011

We taught a week-long Comprehensive Spindle Spinning course at the Association of Guilds of Weavers Spinners, & Dyers Summer School, which was held in Queen Margaret University, Newcraighall, Edinburgh.

Following introductions on the Sunday evening, we spent the first two days focussing on top whorl spindles, spinning and plying a variety of wools, other fibres such as alpaca, mohair, flax, ramie, banana and milk protein fibres, and of course silk!

This gives a hint at the number of different fibres available, not to mention a few dozen of our own spindles for class members to try.

On Wednesday morning, we introduced them to the joys of spinning cotton and other short-stapled fibres, using akha spindles. After the "free" afternoon, we followed up by using supported spindles (tahklis and others) to spin cotton, camel and Caprene (aka "not cashmere").

On Friday and Saturday, students continued working on their spinning, set up and stewarded the class' display, and visited other classes and, of course, the market! Among the feedback we received on the week were That is all the photos we managed to take; if anyone has any that they would care to email to us, I should be glad to add them to this page.